Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia



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Libre is a queer Mexican-American Veteran born in Suffolk, Virginia who joined the United States Navy straight out of high school where he held a Top Secret security clearance while serving as an Information Systems Technician onboard the Uss Carr during Operation Enduring Freedom and was trained at Blackwater where he was certified to do Non-compliant Boardings as part of the ships tactical VBSS boarding team and was deployed for 6 months to West Africa in 2004


After being honorably discharged from the Navy Libre moved to Miami where he was trained as a hairstylist at Paul Mitchell and was a barber for over a decade. 


In 2010 Libre moved to Atlanta where he later created a sustainable urban farm located In the historic Grant Park raising Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, New Zealand rabbits, and chickens. After over a decade as a Barber and Hairstylist he sold his farm and left his successful business and set out on a great adventure with nothing but a backpack and his 5 month old Boykin Spaniel named Riley and flew to Maine to hike the Appalachian trail.


Thanks to profits from the sale of Grant Park Urban Farm Libre was blessed with the freedom and opportunity to step away from traditional society and have the time and space to dive deep into a primitive nomadic life ripe with reflection and solitude that would lead to the birth of his art. He knew his life was lacking art and that wherever this journey lead it would ultimately be to a new life supported entirely by art


After Summiting Mount Katahdin In Maine and walking all 2,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail back to Georgia he decided to leave a life of solitude in the woods for some time in one of the biggest cities in the world. He spent the months after completing the trail living in Mexico City immersed in the vibrant art and culture of his ancestors. When he left Mexico City he bought a motorcycle and set off on a 10,000 mile cross country adventure on his Triumph Bonneville with just a hammock and his dog visiting many different artists along the way who were already manifesting the things he was seeking and was able to learn something from his encounters with lots of other artists. It wasn’t until living in a van in Maui that he fully decided that his path to a new life as an artist would be to move to Brooklyn and become a Tattoo Artist.


Once he had a clear path ahead of him he spent the   months preceding his move to New York City in Europe and the Middle East seeing all the great art of the world and used those inspirations to begin to develop his own artistic style.  After attending Tattoo School in Brooklyn and becoming a Licensed Tattoo Artist in New York City Libre did an apprenticeship with Christian Lord @ Lordbkny in Greenpoint where he was an artist for 2 years. 


After coming out of quarantine Libre found himself once again alone in the woods where he spent 2 months living in a tent and hiking 1,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from Canada to California with his dog.  He landed in Atlanta where he currently will be through winter.

 I am currently in Atlanta and tattoo by appointment only. If you'd like to schedule a consultation with me, please fill out the contact form below



If you would like to book a tattoo appointment or consultation please fill out the contact form with your information and a description of what you want. Please be as detailed as possible with reference photos of what stylization or rendering type you like. Photos of existing tattoos in the general style you like help to bridge the gaps and get us both on the same page.


To send multiple reference images and all other inquires including parties and festival bookings you can email me directly at contact@libretattoos.com 


I require a $100 deposit for all artwork creation or modification and to secure all tattoo appointments. Deposits are non refundable and will be credited toward and deducted from your service when we tattoo. Deposits are accepted with cash or via venmo @libre365

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I will reach out to you within 72 hours of receiving your email for next steps and to schedule any in person consultations if requested.  In person consultation required if artwork needs to be worked into existing tattoos and for all coverups or preexisting tattoo reworks.

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Libre was featured in Bushwick Daily 

“For me, queer art and being a queer artist comes from an internal drive to move the needle on what is normal to a more inclusive world. Doing provocative, queer art that sometimes is sexual or on the fringes of what’s okay by society’s standards is actively pushing on what is normal in the world we all live in.” 

Click here to read the full profile. 

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Current City:              Atlanta, Georgia

                                       (Winter 2020)

Upcoming:                  Updates to come as                                                 Covid-19 impacts travel